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The Importance of Security X-Ray Training

An increase in terrorism in recent years has forced governments to realise that security measures - although previously believed to be adequate - are failing to keep up with the innovation and determination of terrorists.

Unsuccessful attempts to dispense with the human factor by fully automating security systems have demonstrated the essential role played by qualified security x-ray screeners operating equipment. If we accept that no security operation can be successful unless the employees are properly trained and monitored, the next question to ask ourselves is how to comply with the mandatory high standards introduced by international guidelines in order to improve security.

Our solution

Renful  believes that working towards compliance is only the first step towards high-quality security and aims to provide a comprehensive solution that enables security x-ray screeners to excel in their job for the benefit of both the individual and the employer.

Our solution provides an integrative approach that includes training and assessment tools for the selection of the right candidate (Pre-M), computer based security x-ray theory training (TREFOX), familiarization with prohibited items (Threat object demonstration Kits) and computerized x-ray simulation training (SIMFOX).

We understand that training does not end in the classroom.  Once a screener has obtained certification following the induction phase, it is the employer’s responsibility to continue challenging his image interpretation skills and monitor his progress.  Renful’s solution is to present each employee periodically with tests and to provide feedback to the employee and employer. The system will allow the employer to take part in the design of the test and will record all results permanently.

During the operation, the employee is challenged by other assessment tools, such as TIP (Threat Image Projection), covert testing and supervisor assessment and routine testing on the SIMFOX system.  This ensures that the x-ray screeners are constantly challenged in their detection abilities by regularly introduction of new threats and concealment methods.

To overcome difficulties with cross-referencing test results from various sources, Renful Systems has developed a readiness management system (OpeReady) which enables the management to identify performance flaws and non-compliance issues on all levels, whether occurring on an individual, departmental or organisational level.

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