Advanced Training

Simfox Net has been developed to ensure that trainers have access to the best possible tool to improve the x-ray detection skills of their screeners.

Threat Familiarisation Sessions

Simfox Net allows trainers to create threat familiarisation training sessions that include individual items that are not concealed in any way.

Threat familiarisation sessions are a great way to introduce screeners to the different types of threats they will be required to detect and how they look under x-ray.

Where the trainer cannot be present during the training, the manifest provides a useful tool that can be used to provide explanations to screeners as to what exactly they are looking at.

Bag/Container Sessions

Once the screener has finished getting familiarised with the types of threats they are required to detect, they should be given sessions containing pass, search and hold bags.

The difficulty of the bags in the sessions should depend on the skill level of your screeners. Simfox allows the trainer to build bags that can be customised to suit the level of each screener.

Screener takes Sessions

The trainer is able to send x-ray simulator sessions to their x-ray operators that can be taken by the screener either immediately, or at a later date.

Before the simulator starts, the screener is able to view the session notes written by the instructor. The information provided is totally up to the trainer but should normally include number of bags in session, types of threats and the types of scoring penalties the screener will incur.

During the simulator session, screeners will be presented with bags created by their trainer that they can analyse using the same image enhancement and zoom functions they would find on a real x-ray machine.

They are given 3 options for each bag:

•    Pass and move onto the next bag

•    Hold, select the threat type and locate it

•    Search, select their reasoning and locate the area.

Screener Reviews Session

Once the x-ray screener has completed a session, they will be automatically directed to a review screen where they can look at each bag again to identify where they have made mistakes. They can view every item within every bag in the session, isolate them within bags and compare their x-ray images to their photo counterpart.

This means there is no need for screeners to be supervised while they take their training as the system provides explanations for any mistakes and helps the screeners learn from their mistakes.

Trainer Reviews Statistics

Once the screener has completed their x-ray simulator sessions, the trainer can review their statistics, export them to excel and create reports and graphs.

The statistics module is extremely useful in helping trainers understand the weaknesses of screeners. They are able to see whether a screener is taking too long to make a decision, is struggling to identify a certain threat, being too cautious, etc…

Trainers are therefore able to create training content that will improve the skill level and confidence of the screener and turn their weaknesses into strengths.

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