Bag Creator

Simfox Net has a Threat Image Processor that enables you to create an unlimited number of  bags and containers by taking any item from our database and placing them into empty bags/containers.

Create Unlimited Bags for Training / Testing

The Bag Creator allows you to create new customised bags / containers that ensure your screeners are getting the correct level of training and a continuous stream of new bags / containers to analyse.

You simply select an empty bag / container from our database which you can then resize, rotate or flip until it is at the angle you want.

You can then select up to 20 items from our huge database of threat and non threat items, place them into the bag and  rotate, flip or resize them until you feel you have created a bag / container that will provide the exact detection challenge you feel your screeners require.

Huge Item Database

Simfox Net contains a database of approximately 500 empty bag / container images and 3000 item images captured at a number of different angles. The system contains over 1000 threats including:

•    IEDs / IED Components / Explosive Substances

•    Firearms / Firearm Components

•    Grenades

•    Knives

•   Restricted Goods (Airport  CBS  / HBS,  Cargo,   Prisons, Secure  Hospitals,     Mail &      other  Secure        Establishments)

Flexible Item Classification

Trainers are able to alter the classification (i.e. threat or non-threat) of any item in the database, and choose the expected action required by the student when the bag is encountered (e.g. mobile telephones are threat items in Prisons, but pose no threat in Airports).

Feature Recap:

•    Build an unlimited supply of pass, hold and search bags for x-ray training and testing

•    Over 3000 items captured at different angles under x-ray and photographed

•    Re-classify items as threats or non threat to match local regulations on prohibited goods

•    Bags are automatically set as Hold, Search & Pass based on their contents

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Control Difficulty by Concealing Threats
Create Search Areas
Move, Rotate, Resize & Flip Items