IED Creator

Simfox Net provides an IED Creator that enables you to build and conceal IEDs “virtually” that can then be placed inside any bag on the database.

Create Unlimited IEDs

The IED Creator allows you to create IEDs and conceal them within other innocent objects thus ensuring your screeners are getting a continuous stream of new threats to analyse and detect.

You simply select and assemble the IEDs using any combination of the explosive substances, detonators, power sources, and mechanisms by moving, rotating and flipping each item until it resembles a working IED that provides the exact detection challenge for your screeners.

Conceal IEDs

Once you are happy with the IED that you have created, it is possible for you to conceal it within any of the non threat items on the database.

This adds another level of realism to Simfox, ensuring you can test your x-ray screeners with threats that mirror those often used by terrorists and criminal groups.

Feature Recap:

•    Build an unlimited supply of new threats for your screeners to detect

•    Over 500 explosive substances, detonators, mechanisms and power sources captured at different angles under x-ray and photographed

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Choose from 100s of items to build new IEDs
Create IEDs and Conceal Them