Simfox Net offers a complex yet user friendly scoring system that you are able to tailor to the skill level and requirements of your security personnel.

Customise Session Scoring

Simfox Net contains a complex yet easy to use scoring system that can be adjusted if required to suit the skill level and experience of the x-ray operator.

The highly sophisticated scoring system is layered to avoid irregularities and provides scoring for all of the following factors and more:

•    Correct identification of each and every threat or search area in the bag.

•    Correct location of the position of each and every threat or search area in the bag.

•    Correct naming of each and every threat in the bag or reason for search.

•    Time taken for threat identification.

Randomise Bags / containers

You are able to randomise the order the bags /containers appear in the simulator. This ensures two screeners taking the same test cannot copy each other.

Session Notes

For each session, you are able to enter notes that will be shown to the screener before they start the session. This can include anything from the number of bags / containers in the session, what type of threats they will be required to detect to the way the scoring is configured.

Feature Recap:

•    Layered scoring system tests screeners on their detection skill and/or time

•    Ability to randomize bags to ensure screeners cannot copy each other.

•    Write notes for each session so that you don’t need to be there to explain.

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