Session Review

After each X-ray simulator session, the user is directed to a screen where they are able to review each bag they have taken, isolate each item within them and view their details.

Session Review

Once each training or testing session has been completed the student is directed to the Simfox Net Session Review.  This consists of the overall score received for the session as well as individual scores for each bag within the session.

The student is able to select each bag within the session and view the reason for any scoring penalties, an x-ray image and photograph of the bag as well as any image enhancements that were used on the bag.

Individual Learning

Each item within the a bag can be isolated and viewed as both an x-ray image and photo allowing the screener  to learn what each item looks like under x-ray and why any mistakes were made.

Items that have been incorrectly identified are also highlighted on the review screen, allowing students to learn from their mistakes and improve their x-ray interpretation skills independently.

Saved Sessions

Simfox Net automatically saves each session taken by a screener. This means that they can review any session they have taken in the past whenever they have time.

Feature Recap:

•    Screeners can review their x-ray simulator session score and time immediately after a session has finished.

•    Session review enables screeners to learn from their mistakes and improve their image interpretation skills without the need for a trainer.

•    Screeners can review sessions they have taken at any time.

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