Simfox Lite

Simfox Lite has been developed to make the administration of security x-ray simulation training simpler and faster.

Simfox Lite removes the need to create and customize your training content and instead provides you with over 6000 full bags and containers that are ready to be given to your screeners for training.

The system easily complies with the EC 2015/1998 regulations for 6 hours of training every month, while only including the features you require.

The Simfox Server

Simfox Net is installed onto the server computer of your choice ensuring the complete confidentiality of all your training & testing data. Trainers and Screeners are then able to access Simfox from any computer linked to the server via LAN, WAN, or the internet.

The Teacher Menu

  • Create sessions from a database of over 6000 bags and containers
  • Add unlimited number of students
  • Analyze and Export Student Results

The Student Menu

  • Single & Dual View Simulators for all manufacturers
  • Manufacturer specific zoom and image manipulation buttons
  • Review and analyze all items and bags tested on in simulator

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