Simfox Net FAQ

Simfox Net is currently the world’s leading security x-ray training & testing simulator / CBT. It is a fully customisable system that can be configured to your exact needs.

Does Simfox Net comply with the EC No 185/2010 regulations?

Simfox Net complies with the EC No 185/2010 regulations set by the European Commission and is used by a number of Airports and Cargo/Mail companies throughout Europe to ensure their X-ray screeners meet the 6 hours of recurrent x-ray simulator training every 6 months they are required to achieve.

Which security x-ray machines does Simfox Net simulate?

Simfox Net offers simulators unique to each major X-ray manufacturer:

•    Rapiscan

•    Smiths-Heimann

•    L3 Linescan

•    Gilardoni

For which types of organisations is Simfox Net available?

Simfox Net is a fully customisable and is currently used by organisations in 40 countries throughout the world:

•    Airports

•    Airlines

•    Cargo / Freight forwarders

•    Secure Hospitals / Prisons

•    Government Buildings

•    Many other secure establishments

I need to provide Airport CBS, HBS and Cargo x-ray simulator training and testing. Is it possible to do this on Simfox Net?

Yes, Simfox Net offers an application manager that enables you to select which items are threats for each application. So for example, you can select knives as threat in CBS and non threat for HBS.

My organisation requires x-ray simulator training but does not have the trainers to provide it. Can we use Simfox Net?

Yes, Simfox Net is available through a number of license options to ensure you get the best deal and a system that matches your exact requirements.

We offer an online “Pay per Session” license that consists of our security training experts creating and assigning the training to your employees. We then compile performance reports every month and send them back to you.

Find out more about our Pay per Session License Option>>

If I purchase the full version of Simfox Net, how will it be structured and implemented into my company’s training procedures?

•    Server License

You will be required to purchase a server license. The server will contain the database of item and bag images, session results and statistics.

The server license comes with a free Instructor License which allows you to connect to the Server from any computer through a browser (i.e. Internet Explorer).

The instructor license gives you access to the Teacher Menu where you can edit the image database, build bags, create sessions, send them to your students and review their results and statistics.

•    Additional Instructor License

If you want several users to access Teacher Menu from different computers concurrently, you will need to purchase additional Instructor Licenses

•    Student License

You will be required to purchase Student Licenses that connect to the server allowing students to access the x-ray simulator from a browser. Here they can carry out the sessions sent to them at any time. The number of student licenses limits the number of concurrent users. So if you purchase 5 student licenses, only 5 students will be able to use the simulator at the same time.

Find out more about our Full Purchase License Option>>

How does the Server License connect to the Instructor & Student Licenses?

The Server can connect to the Instructor & students via a Local Area Network, your organization’s Wide Area Network or the Internet.

How many bags can I build for training and testing?

As many as you need. The system does not limit the number of items or bags on your system.

How many students can I input onto the system?

If you purchase the full version of Simfox Net, you can add as many students to your system as you want.

Can I add my own images to Simfox Net?

Simfox Net has a built in Item Database Manager which allows users to upload item and bag x-ray and photographic images onto their system.

Will I be trained to use Simfox Net?

Yes, we will come to your location, install Simfox Net and provide training so you can make the most of the software’s features.

Do you provide Maintenance?

We offer yearly maintenance that provides update of image database, free technical assistance concerning any faults in the system, feature upgrades and database backups

Is Simfox Net available in different languages?

Yes, Simfox Net is currently available in English, French, Finnish, Hebrew & Spanish and can be easily translated to your own preferred language.

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