The Security Xray Simulator

Offering Manufacturer specific features and high image quality, the Simfox Net X-Ray Simulator provides the most accurate representation of an x-ray machine available on the market.

Machine Compatibility

Simfox Net offers x-ray simulators that are created specifically for each x-ray machine manufacturer. This means that your operators have access to an on screen dashboard that has been designed based on the x-ray machine it is replicating.

This dashboard offers manufacturer specific zoom and enhancement features ensuring a seamless progression from CBT to on the job training for new screeners.

Multiple Applications

The x-ray simulator can be used to train screeners from all types of applications including Airports, Cargo/Mail Forwarders, Police, Army, Government Buildings and other High Security Establishments.  We are also currently developing an x-ray simulator for large vehicle screening that will be available at the beginning of 2012.

High Quality X-Ray Images

As the job of detecting a threat item within complex bags is a difficult and daunting task, we have ensured that our simulator provides the highest possible image quality. This ensures security screeners are given a realistic training environment where they can improve their detection skills, knowledge and confidence.

Pass, Search or Hold Bags

Once a screener has analysed a bag, they have 3 options:

•    If the bag contains no threat, they can choose to pass it and move onto the next

•    If the screener feels they cannot make a positive decision on a bag, they can click Search. They will then be prompted to select a Search Reason from a list created by their trainer.

•    If the screener detects a threat object, they can select Hold and choose the type of Threat. A star will then appear that they will be required to place onto the threat object.

Dual View Security X-ray Simulator

The Dual View X-Ray Simulator offers the same great features as the Single View Simulator. It is perfect for organisations that have upgraded their x-ray machines and want to make the training they provide their screeners as realistic as possible:

  • Pass / Search / Hold option for one or both angles
  • Image Manipulation available for both angles or one angle at a time

Manifests for Cargo Users

Each cargo container or palette created on the system can be assigned a manifest/airway bill that can be viewed by the screener in the x-ray simulator.  This ensures a level of realism that is not found in other x-ray simulator systems.

Feature Recap:

•    On screen dashboard provides machine specific image enhancements and zoom functions

•    High Quality X-ray Images

•    Manifests & Airway Bills available for Cargo customers

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